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Road Safety Survey - 20 mph speed limits

Background to Survey. 

At the meeting of the Parish Council on 10th May 2022, Councillors resolved to support Gloucestershire County Council’s Motion 876 which seeks to introduce the wider use of 20mph speed limits especially in areas where vehicles and pedestrians/cyclists are both present.  Support of Motion 876 does not mean that 20mph limits will be introduced in Southam, but it provides us with the opportunity to be involved with and aware of developments as GCC progresses this initiative.  Consultations are held at every stage.

In order for the Parish Council to represent the views of residents when it comments on consultations it would be helpful if you would complete the survey.

Please note that the survey will close on 14th August 2022

You can complete and return the survey online by clicking here or on the 20mph image.

Photo by Danny Nee

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