Parish Council Meetings.

Next Meeting.

Southam Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday in each month in Southam Village Hall at 7:30 pm.


The Agenda is available 5 days before the meeting.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic temporary legislation allowed Parish Council meetings to be held remotely until 6th May 2021.  The final 'virtual' meeting will took place on Tuesday 4th May 2021.

The June meeting has been cancelled and face to face meetings will resume on 13th July in Southam Village Hall and measures may need to be put in place such as social distancing and use of face coverings.  Full details will be published nearer the time. 

Local Council Award Scheme.  Foundation Award
Public Participation in Meetings.

Parishioners are advised that each Parish Council meeting will be adjourned for up to 15 minutes to allow members of the public to raise questions or make comment on any item on the agenda.  All representations to the Council will be limited to 3 minutes per person.


If time permits, it may be possible to accept comments or answer questions on items not covered in the agenda.  Some questions may require a written response and any items requiring a Council decision will need to be deferred to a future meeting.  Questions and comments may also be passed to the Clerk by email in between meetings. 

Agenda for meeting on 13th July 2021