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The Parish Council carried out a Road Safety Survey in April 2021 and questionnaires were made available to all residents across the parish.  110 responses were received and it was evident that the main concerns in all areas of the parish are speeding vehicles and inconsiderate parking. 


The issues raised can be found in this road safety survey summary.

A meeting was held in October 2021 to discuss residents' concerns and a number of areas were identified where further discussion / research is needed.  These are summarised in the notes of the meeting.


A team of volunteers undertakes speed checks on Southam Lane and New Road and this data together with the data downloaded from the mobile vehicle activated speed (MVAS) signs will be used to form the basis of discussions with Gloucestershire County Council Highways Department and the police, as appropriate.

The monthly data reports extracted from the MVAS signs can be found below together with a separate analysis of traffic on car boot sale days:


MVAS Report Jan 2024

MVAS Report Dec 2023

MVAS Report Nov 2023

MVAS Report Aug 2023

MVAS Report Jul 2023

MVAS Report Jun 2023

MVAS Report May 2023

MVAS Report Mar 2023

MVAS Report Feb 2023

MVAS Report Jan 2023

MVAS reports - January 2022.                        

MVAS reports - February 2022.

MVAS reports - March 2022.

MVAS report - July 2022

Effect of car boot sale traffic on Southam Lane

MVAS reports - November 2022

MVAS reports - December 2022

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